Make the most of your time around Nature Coast!!

Charter fishing expeditions do not stick around if clients get shut out for an entire day on the boat. To this point, utilizing a charter fishing service can not only drastically improve your catch, but can also help customize that catch. Let me explain – the captain will have insight into what fish are in season, and what can be caught at the time, allowing you as the customer to choose your target and go after fish that you want, targeting their habitat and what bait they take. This eliminates much of the guess work in fishing about what you can catch and where, and allows you to go after the specific sport fish you are interested in catching.

If you are looking to make a memorable vacation in Nature Coast or to gift your loved ones a memorable vacation in Gulf, Capt. Matt Locklear of Homosassa Back Country Fishing is your man!!

He knows Nature coast in and out such as that Homosassa River, Crystal River and Chassahowitzka River abundant freshwater meets the salt of the Gulf of Mexico which creates a unique estuary that made our rock points pristine. And when you get Homosassa Backcountry Fishing to be your fishing guide it's a day well spent fishing as you will have bountiful of fish.

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